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Doctor Who Marathons Breed Cowls and Fuzzy Pants

I knit up two last minute Christmas gifts in Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick using the very simple GAP-tastic Cowl Pattern from Ravelry. It’s not actually designed for this weight of Wool-Ease, but I cast on the recommended number of stitches and knit for the whole two skeins of yarn, and the cowls turned out huge and warm. Plus I was able to make both in two days, even with shopping and dance classes and family dinners and visits thrown in. I think working through the entire fifth season of the new Doctor Who with my parents helped.

(As a quick aside, that black and white table in the second photo is my great-grandmother’s enamel kitchen table where my grandmother and mother both learned how to make pie crust.)

I also made a good start on my fuzzy pants.  The fisherman’s rib pattern is super thick and fluffy, and progress is slow, but they’re getting easier now that I’m several rows away from the cast on edge.  The trick that I’ve found with the woolly nylon is that you have to pull out a good length of it with the yarn so the strands stick together and the tension doesn’t get uneven between the two strands that you’re knitting with.

I also pulled out the old sewing machine to stitch the elastics on a couple of pairs of ballet shoes (flats, not pointe shoes), picked up some purple felt for knitting needle cases, and made pie.

My next big project is to start thinking seriously about making a new wool coat to replace my L.L.Bean pea coat which is in its 11th winter right now. I love that wool coat. I’ve re-stitched the buttons several times, run it through the washing machine, shoved it in suitcases and dance bags, and worn it over both light layers and the hugest sweater known to man. I’d like to make something like it, since it’s such a flattering shape and fit, but I want something with a bit more neck coverage. I could just make a pattern from it, but McCall and Vogue patterns are both super on sale starting tomorrow at JoAnn, so I’ll probably pick up one or two new patterns and put something together using a combination of all the best attributes. I like McCall 5525 and Vogue 8346.


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What Is Woolly Nylon?

For my fuzzy pants, I wanted a strong, warm knit fabric.  I’m using a 75% washable wool, 25% nylon sock yarn, Knit Picks Stroll Sock Yarn, but, especially with the washable wool, I wanted to add a bit of extra strength and shape retention.  The swatches I knit stretched a bit when washed and hung to dry.

I’d read of woolly nylon, and when I asked at my LYS, everyone said that it was a good idea but they didn’t carry it, so I ordered some from JoAnn.  I was a little skeptical, mainly because I didn’t quite know what it was and couldn’t find any pictures of what it looked like off the tightly-wound spool.  But here it is:

Before I cut open the plastic cover on the cone, I still wasn’t sure, but the second I pulled the tail loose, I knew that I’d seen this stuff before.  It looks like the same kind of nylon that’s used in the microfiber tights that I wear for ballet, and, let me tell you, that stuff is strong.  I have some pairs of tights that I’ve been wearing once every week or two for the past 5 years. I can’t wait to see how it holds up in conjunction with the yarn.  It’s relatively stretchy, and I think it should provide what I want without cutting into the wool.

For size comparison, here’s the spool of 1000 m of woolly nylon next to the two most common sized Coats and Clark thread spools:

And, just for the sake of keeping me going, here is a gratuitous shot of the progress on my knit boots:

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