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Still More Sock Progress

Wednesdays are my one day off every week, so they always put me in a good mood. To top it off, the sun has finally come out after a couple days of rain, and this weekend is MEA weekend, so I have nothing to do until next Monday. Plans include massive amounts of laundry and apartment cleaning, lesson planning, sleeping, and getting things done to finalize my move to Minneapolis.

In the past few days, I’ve gotten a lot done on the Gentleman’s socks. I am past the foot (with lifelines thrown both at the transition to the gusset, and one pattern rep before that in case I need to re-size), and the gusset has a mere six rounds left before I move on to the heel turn.


The stitch pattern is lovely and springy, drawing the fabric in just above the toes when unstretched, and giving lots of ease when it needs to.


The vast majority has been knit while on the bus, or waiting at bus stops, although I have accomplished a fair amount while watching Netflix.


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Moving on from Socks to… Socks.

Dad’s second pair of Raggi socks are finished!


I’m very happy with how I managed to work out the pattern with the larger yarn and to make the stitch count work out. The toe-up heel flap is exactly the same as the one I worked on his Hickory Socks, and it took some interesting math and charting to make the stitches flow correctly through the ankle and leg. I finished off the top with Elizabeth Zimmermann’s sewn bind off from Knitty.


Now I’ve started on a new pair, this time for the gentleman. Fittingly, I chose the stitch pattern from The Gentleman’s Fancy Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. I’m working it from memory and people’s project photos on Ravelry since all my knitting books are still in the storage unit, and I’m knitting it from the toe up (are we surprised?). Luckily, I got my Hennepin County Library card this week, and I’ll be able to go to the library tomorrow to browse their selection of knitting books.

The first toe is done, and I’ve started the stitch pattern. Excepting the cast on and first couple of rounds, it’s only been worked on my way to and from work. Public transit may smell funny, be slightly unreliable when you get down to the southern suburbs, and require dealing with other people, but there are benefits.


In other news, while I’ve been convincing myself for weeks now that the downtown apartment is what I want, an apartment opened up in the building that I originally wanted to move in to in Uptown. I had called this summer, heard that there would be no openings, and put my name on the waiting list for next year. Last week, I got an email saying that they had an opening next month. Since the downtown place is still under construction, I made an appointment to see the place, and fell in love.

The downtown apartment was much more finished, with soffits covering the ductwork, etc. but shortening the ceiling, the tops of the closets finished and closed off eliminating storage space, and generally feeling a little smaller than I’d anticipated. I went in to my viewing of the Uptown building anticipating the apartment to feel the same size, since the square footage and closet space were nearly identical, but it felt huge. The windows were much bigger and more open, the ductwork and electrical conduits were raised to the ceiling and left uncovered leaving more space and more of a cool loft feel, and the polished concrete floors just added to it. The best part was the closets. They were finished up to the standard 8′ ceiling height, but the tops were finished, so there was an extra portion of storage space on top, all the way up to the 12′ ceiling. The apartment that I chose is actually 150 sq ft larger than the downtown one, with more windows, and overlooking the grassy courtyard in the center of the building. Plus, it’s in Uptown, so I’ll be in the middle of all my friends, in a much more puppy friendly neighborhood, and closer to cheaper grocery stores, etc. I’m ridiculously excited.

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I started a second pair of Järbo Garn Raggi socks for my dad on February 24, according to my Ravelry project page. I worked on them steadily through March (when I had time during rehearsals and teaching and going insane being at the studio 7 days per week) trying to get them done before my parents came out for the show. I didn’t.

They became my take-along project when I was going to the studio to assist in rehearsals for the Minnesota Dance Festival, and I got the first sock done up to the top of the cuff, and then they got set aside through my insane summer of living between Minneapolis, Fargo, and Michigan. Cut to four months later.

The first sock made sense. There was a toe, a foot, a gusset, a heel turn and flap, and a leg.


The second sock made sense right up until the last row. It looked like it was in the middle of the No Hole Heel from YouTube, but the stitch count was correct even though I knew that the next stitch had to be a decrease.


It had been languishing on a pair of size 2 circulars, while the nearly finished sock was on the 3s. I managed to get them switched on the bus, but I just couldn’t figure out the stitch count. This morning, I was able to look at the other sock and found the absurdly simple solution: a purl front and back increase on the center stitch of the heel flap that created the center column of the Elm pattern.

I’m back on track now, following the chart just as per usual, and I have a knitting project to take on the bus with me.

In other news, I bought some navy cotton broadcloth to make M a bedskirt, I have a plan for fixing the reverse lever on my Sears Kenmore for next to nothing, and my new teaching job is going wonderfully.

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