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Why I Need to Organize My Knitting Supplies

I have lots, that’s why.

This isn’t even everything.

The circular needles are the worst.  The bin that I have them in right now is an upgrade from the small pouch that they used to be in, but it’s still far from perfect.  (Plus, it’s really saying something that a rinsed out salad container is an upgrade.)  The cables get tangled all the time, and it’s impossible to find the right size without going through the whole pile of needles.  I could keep them in their individual pouches, like I try to do with my Knit Picks Options tips, but the bin is a bit bigger and it lets the curl in the cables relax.

My double points also get a bad deal.  I don’t have very many (only 4 sets) but they, and my crochet hooks, and my ruler, always get put in the aluminum cannister that holds my shorter straights.  The cannister is too long for them, so when I need to find a set, I have to dump the whole thing out.  My long straights are getting a bit crowded in their PVC pipe holder although it is at least the right length for them.  Also, since starting to use the holder, I’ve gotten several more sets whose sizes aren’t stamped on the end.

My needle gauge, rulers, stitch holder, and cable needles don’t even have a home.  I had to go dig them out from the bottom of a couple of my yarn stash bins just to photograph them.

So here’s the plan: I’m going to buy felt and make some cases for all of my stuff.  First priority is a case for my circulars, with pockets where they can be separate and relatively uncurled.  Then, I’m going to make three simple roll-up cases for my double points and Knit Picks tips, long straights, and short straights.  Last, my needle gauge, cable needles, and other accessories get a felt pouch from whatever fabric is left.  If I ever get enough crochet hooks to make it worth my while, I’ll make a little roll thing for them, too.

I’d like to do this while I’m at my parents’ house for Christmas, first because they have a rotary cutter and large cutting mat, which will come in pretty handy for all the rectangles I’m going to be cutting.  The second reason is that, while my new Brother (that’s him in the header photo) does beautifully with normal fabric weights, anything too thick makes him cranky.  My parents’ 1976 Sears Kenmore is a bit of a tank, and won’t even blink at a couple layers of felt.  I might have to spend longer getting the tension right, and it’s a pain in the butt to disengage the clutch to wind a bobbin on it, but once the initial set-up is done with, the actual work will go faster.

My pointe covers haven’t progressed any further since last post, so I won’t bore you with another photo.  I have been productive with putting together a good fuzzy pants pattern, though.  I’m using a combination of my favorite traits from my two old pairs, and I have a Doctor Who DVD, so progress this evening on both fronts should not be insignificant.


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