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Hazel the Horrible

Until a trip to my LYS, that is.  You see, I bought my first pair of Addi Turbo US 0 needles during my magic loop phase.  They had a 47″ cable.  Then, when I was thinking of doing my fuzzy pants on them, the excess cable just kept on getting in the way.  After the second or third time that I managed to wrap the needle cable around my mug of tea and nearly tip it into my lap, I went to Bouclé Yarn Studio and picked up a 24″ US 0.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Bouclé before, but they deserve a lot of credit.  I’m not a yarn shop aficionado, but in my experience, they have a great selection of needles and hooks, yarns, books, spinning supplies, and everything in between.  The shop is beautifully decorated with shelves of yarn creating a meandering path to the back of the shop, and large tables and chairs where you inevitably find people sitting and knitting.  The staff are always helpful and nice.  I wish I had the money to buy more yarn there, but they do tend toward the more expensive brands.  I can say that, of the last 15 pairs of needles that I’ve bought, 13 of them have come from Bouclé.

So, I had a 47″ and a 24″ US 0 Addi Turbo.  I used my favorite provisional cast on (crochet a loose chain, pick up stitches from the bumps on the back of the chain), divided the stitches onto my two needles, and joined in the round.  And it was horrible.  Things were all over the place.  I’m not even working in double knitting right now, choosing instead to get through the initial increases separately in my two colors before I put everything together.

I got through one horrible, messy row, and set it aside.  I went back to Bouclé today, picked up another 24″ US 0 Addi Turbo, and all of a sudden everything lined up.  I didn’t get very far, because Saturdays are one of my busiest teaching days, and we had our annual winter showcase at the studio this evening, but I did knit a couple more rows, and they were lovely without all of that extra needle getting tangled up in my yarn.  I’m actually looking forward to knitting the rest of this whale now.

The moral of this story is that the right tools really make a difference, so when in doubt, go to your local yarn shop and buy more stuff.  It will make your life better.


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