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The Cornflower Cowl Is Finished!

I think I really ought to have cast on an extra repeat or two, because it’s a bit narrow, although my initial math was correct and it’s the intended 15″ around.  I ended up with 3.5 repeats of the cable chart to bring it up to length, and it works well with my funnel neck black wool dress coat.

I loosened up my tension on the cast off ribbing, and cast off with a super stretchy bind off (k2tog tbl, slip to left needle, repeat). Now, I have a slightly wider edge that lies over my collarbone and fills in the neck of my coat, and a narrower edge that stays up when I pull it over my jaw. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Really, I just noticed that the bind off was loose a quarter of the way through, and the yarn was just so split prone that I couldn’t stand the thought of ripping it back and doing it again.

The whole thing took 3/4 of my 90.5 g (labeled as 100 g) skein of Kertzer On Your Toes Bamboo, so I have about 115 g left. That should be enough for a nice pair of gloves or fingerless gloves.

Now to swatch the beautiful Knit Picks yarns that came in the mail yesterday…


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