Still More Sock Progress

Wednesdays are my one day off every week, so they always put me in a good mood. To top it off, the sun has finally come out after a couple days of rain, and this weekend is MEA weekend, so I have nothing to do until next Monday. Plans include massive amounts of laundry and apartment cleaning, lesson planning, sleeping, and getting things done to finalize my move to Minneapolis.

In the past few days, I’ve gotten a lot done on the Gentleman’s socks. I am past the foot (with lifelines thrown both at the transition to the gusset, and one pattern rep before that in case I need to re-size), and the gusset has a mere six rounds left before I move on to the heel turn.


The stitch pattern is lovely and springy, drawing the fabric in just above the toes when unstretched, and giving lots of ease when it needs to.


The vast majority has been knit while on the bus, or waiting at bus stops, although I have accomplished a fair amount while watching Netflix.


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