I started a second pair of Järbo Garn Raggi socks for my dad on February 24, according to my Ravelry project page. I worked on them steadily through March (when I had time during rehearsals and teaching and going insane being at the studio 7 days per week) trying to get them done before my parents came out for the show. I didn’t.

They became my take-along project when I was going to the studio to assist in rehearsals for the Minnesota Dance Festival, and I got the first sock done up to the top of the cuff, and then they got set aside through my insane summer of living between Minneapolis, Fargo, and Michigan. Cut to four months later.

The first sock made sense. There was a toe, a foot, a gusset, a heel turn and flap, and a leg.


The second sock made sense right up until the last row. It looked like it was in the middle of the No Hole Heel from YouTube, but the stitch count was correct even though I knew that the next stitch had to be a decrease.


It had been languishing on a pair of size 2 circulars, while the nearly finished sock was on the 3s. I managed to get them switched on the bus, but I just couldn’t figure out the stitch count. This morning, I was able to look at the other sock and found the absurdly simple solution: a purl front and back increase on the center stitch of the heel flap that created the center column of the Elm pattern.

I’m back on track now, following the chart just as per usual, and I have a knitting project to take on the bus with me.

In other news, I bought some navy cotton broadcloth to make M a bedskirt, I have a plan for fixing the reverse lever on my Sears Kenmore for next to nothing, and my new teaching job is going wonderfully.


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