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Hello, again, blog. How are you?

Things that have happened since I last wrote:

  • I found a new apartment
  • End-of-year dance performances happened, and went fairly well
  • I bought new living room furniture that is new and mine and isn’t handed down from my ex-boyfriend
  • My mom came in to town to help me move all of my stuff into storage and get rid of my old, second-hand furniture and lots of the other random stuff that I had accumulated
  • I spent a month in Michigan teaching at the youth performing company where I grew up
  • I moved into a new, much nicer, apartment, where I had my new furniture delivered
  • I started my new teaching schedule

The nicest thing is that I have room for my great grandmother’s sewing machine in my new apartment, so I now have the little White serger, my new Brother, and Granny’s old machine (a Kenmore, not a Singer, as I believe I posted earlier).  I also have a washer and dryer in my apartment so I don’t have to deal with my crazy neighbor and her (mis)use of the laundry facilities, a little patio out back, and a full kitchen with a fridge that actually works and doesn’t routinely allow ice cream to melt all down the front (the novelty!), a full size stove (4 burners!) that maintains correct temperature in the oven, a double basin sink with garbage disposal, a dishwasher, and some actual counter space.

The past few months have been incredibly eventful.  Highlights (if they can be called that) are my friend’s baby being born and then immediately spending time in the NICU for life-threatening meconium aspiration (he’s fine now, no long-term damage, but that was a nerve-wracking couple of weeks), my parents’ dog and rabbit both dying, a falling-out with my grandmother, a 16-year-old student’s suicide, a student’s friend’s suicide, one of my closest friends breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, and not knitting or sewing a single stitch during the entire month of August.  With the start of the new school year, I’m looking forward to some positive changes.  Namely, I’m hoping that no one dies.  That would be nice.

I’ll update with some photos of things like my new furniture and Granny’s sewing machine as soon as I figure out where my camera is in the pile of boxes currently occupying my garage.  (Did I mention that I have a garage at my new apartment?!)


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