Hazel 1.1

It lives!  I’m actually farther along than I was on Hazel 1.0 when I lost her to a dropped stitch and tight gauge.  I’m two rows away from leaving behind the horrors of multiple increases at least every other row.  I even dropped a stitch on this one, but it only ran back three rows, it didn’t run into any of the increases, and I was able to use my smallest crochet hook to pick it up.

One of the advantages of having to put my hair up in a bun or twist every day is that I’m surrounded by hair pins.  They’re the perfect cable needles or stitch holders, so when I dropped that stitch I was able to just reach into my hair, pull out a pin, and pop it through the stitch.  Of course, that moment when you actually drop the stitch is still torture, where you freeze, feel sick to your stomach, and think about having to start the whole thing over again all in the half second that it takes to register what the little dangling loop means, but it helps not having to open your tin full of notions or search for a cable needle or crochet hook before securing the run.

After picking up the stitch and finishing the row, there are 35 stitches of each color on the needles.  This thing is very compact, but the very slightly looser gauge makes Hazel 1.1 much softer than Hazel 1.0.  Please pardon my ugly, pink, provisional cast on.  It looks somehow vulgar to me, but you can rest assured that it’s only there to make the nose close up neatly.  Now I just have to decide when to do Hazel’s nose job.  I don’t want to do it too soon, because I want a good amount of surface area available to weave in the ends, and hopefully even make the little embroidered nose bumps with the yarn tail.

For now, I’m pleased with the progress.  I plan to place a lifeline when I get through the increases, despite the fact that I can’t remember ever using a lifeline in a project that wasn’t lace or insane cables.  It feels silly to do this when it’s still mostly stockinette up to this point, but I just can’t knit this nose one more time.

In other news, the apartment is still messy, my fuzzy pants and pointe covers haven’t progressed any further, and my coat fabric is still unwashed and unsteamed.  I did, however, substitute in five classes this week on top of my normal load of six classes and a couple of private lessons, and I got caught up on some laundry, so I’ll cut myself some slack there.


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  1. Thanks for reading! Hazel is amazing!

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