Nisu: The Pics or It Didn’t Happen Edition

First note, I mixed the dough up in my KitchenAid, but the final kneading was done by hand before transferring the dough back to the mixer bowl and covering with a damp towel and some clingwrap to rise.  This is pre-rising:

I didn’t take a photo after rising, but these are the finished loaves just before going into the oven (I made a smaller batch because my oven doesn’t have room to bake three loaves at once.  Also, I ran out of flour.):

Also, aren’t you impressed that I can do this in a kitchen this size?  There’s one other counter surface on the other side of the sink, but that’s it.

And here’s the finished product after cooling and sitting in a paper bag overnight:

Slice using a good, sharp bread knife (I like my Wüsthof Classic) so that you can go as thin as possible.

UPDATE: I showed this to my mom, and her comment on the just-braided loaves was that she was always amazed at how much easier this is when you make the strands that you’re braiding pretty thin.  I had to point out that I did make them thin, they just puffed up again in the time that it took me to grab the camera and take that photo.  Really, these things don’t need a second rising.  Just cut and braid quickly and toss them in the oven.


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  1. Linda

    Mmmmm…. That’s the most beautiful nisu I’ve ever seen – wish I was there to sample it!! BTW, your Mother sent me the web address for your blog.


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