I Wish My New Yarn Were Here

But it isn’t, so I’m still obsessing about my beret/mittens.  I haven’t really found a pattern on Ravelry that I’m in love with.  I have found several cable patterns that I like, from the one used on the back of Kristi Geraci’s Ailbe mittens to the much thicker pattern with a bobble from the front of Debbie Bliss’s Sara sweater. The problem is, I can’t figure out how to chart them in the round. In theory, yes, but I can’t make it work out so that there isn’t at least one cable that crosses the start of the round.

The chart from Knitty is here. As you can see, it doesn’t intertwine all the way around the mitten, but is charted as a panel for the front. I’d like to split it up and take it all the way around, but any way I put the repeat in, I find issues. Is this pattern just unsuitable for knitting in the round, or am I missing something completely obvious?

The best solution that I can come up with is to just move the start of the round one stitch to the left every time I encounter a cable like that. I’ll end up with a couple of extra stitches, but they’ll probably only be noticeable to me or another knitter who examines my hat to figure out the pattern.


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