I Have to Learn Lever Knitting

For serious.  Like, right now.  Because I knit relatively fast for someone who throws her yarn (i.e. knits English style, with the yarn in the right hand), but it’s still so much slower than my friends who knit continental/German style.  I knit this way mainly because it’s the way that I was taught.  The other reason involves a left hand that’s a total idiot, and several very bad experiences with multiple dropped stitches for every stitch successfully completed when I was learning continental knitting.

Lever knitting is fast.  It would probably make me a faster knitter than my continental-knitting friends if I could get proficient, which would be awesome.  And I still get to hold my yarn in my right hand!  “In your face, continental knitters,” I would say.  “My left hand might be spastic, but I can knit fast now, too.  Oh, you aren’t done with your row yet?  Yep, I just blew past that stitch marker.  Guess you’ll just have to catch up on the next round!”  (Sorry, left hand.  You still get to hold the yarn when we crochet, all right?  And you get to say when stitches leave the left needle, which you’re very good at.  I love you really.  Please don’t get cranky now.)

So, this is one of my goals for this year.  Figure out lever knitting, hopefully before I get to the next ribbing section of my fuzzy pants.  I could change styles there and not worry about a gauge change being obvious and ugly.  I’m 1/4 of the way through the top fold-over part, and anticipate completing that some time this week or next, and then, LEVER KNITTING!

YouTube videos of the Yarn Harlot and a woman who learned from the Yarn Harlot are great references.


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