And Crochet Too

For Christmas at the dance studio, we do a little gift exchange in each class.  With the little ones, we usually do Secret Santa, but the older classes get a choice between Secret Santa and a White Elephant gift exchange, or just doing class as usual.  (The more advanced dancers are in many classes every week, and doing two gift exchanges a day all week before winter break can get tiring.)  No matter what kind of gift exchange we do, there is a $3 limit, and we always have a couple of extra gifts on hand just in case someone forgets.  I’m bringing in a couple of crocheted flower bobby pins for my pointe class this evening.

They’re small, cute, and wearing a flower accessory in your bun is kind of a fad right now, so I think they’ll go over well but still not overshadow anything that the students might bring in for the gift exchange.  The pattern (which I found through its Ravelry listing) is found in total here.  The yarn is cotton, and from a K-Mart sweater that I got in middle school, ripped apart when it got too small, and have been using for trying out stitch patterns and making stitch markers and provisional cast ons ever since.

I’m really looking forward to my Thursday advanced pointe class, where the students didn’t want to do a gift exchange, but asked if we could do The Great Chaîné Experiment.  Chaînés are little travelling turns done on the tips of the toes, with the feet held close together, and each step rotates the body 180°.  Some of the girls are having trouble with making a perfect half turn with each step, meaning that they don’t move in a straight line, but wander across the floor in a strange zigzag.  I can look closely at their feet as they turn and tell them what the problem is, but it’s better if they can see it themselves.  For Thursday’s class, I’m bringing a roll of paper and they can dip their toes in water to make footprints as they turn so they can see what their feet are doing.  I think paint would be better, but I don’t want to totally make a mess on the super-expensive floor, and we need easy cleanup for the next class.


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