Knitting in the Round on Two Circular Needles

I haven’t gotten much done with my knit boots, but I can safely say that I’ve knit at least a bit on them every day since I’ve cast on, so they’re progressing, if slowly.  I’m liking the mock cable pattern because it’s simple and pretty.  I have made a couple of discoveries about the ins and outs of knitting two items at once on two circular needles.

Remember that when knitting on two circulars, you knit with only one needle at a time.  Leave the other needle hanging at the back of your work.

The first discovery is that, in order to prevent ladders, it’s easiest to move the back needle so that all stitches are on the cable for the very first stitch on the front needle.  That way, a light tug is all that’s needed to tighten up the tension.  (It’s also worth it to note that I knit with the yarn held in my right hand, which is taking the picture here, so the yarn is just hanging.)

My second discovery is that, even when the last stitch on the needle is a purl stitch, it prevents tangling to take the yarn to the back of the needle, like you would when preparing for a knit stitch.  Here the last stitch is a purl, so the yarn ends up in front.

However, I moved it to the back before continuing, so it’s coming out the top of the work and heading straight to the ball.

When I get to the end of this row and turn the work, it looks like this:

If the yarn were going under the front needle cable here, when I went to knit the first stitch on the left piece, I’d have to move it to the back.  Then it would be going through the middle of the loop created by my front needle.  It’s possible to knit like this (and I’ve done it a couple of times already on this project) but it’s a little trickier to keep tension because the yarn can rub and pull against the work hanging down from the needles.  At the ends of the needles, when you’re turning the work, you don’t really have to worry about this, since the yarn is more free there.

My woolly nylon should show up tomorrow, so my next dilemma is whether or not to cast on for the fuzzy pants then.  If I keep knitting at least a bit on the boots every day, it’s less likely that they’ll end up in the bottomless pit of unfinished projects, and they’re a better size for airplane knitting than the pants, so I can get a lot done on them while I’m on my way to my parents’ house for Christmas.


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